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More than just feeding the hungry homeless

empty plate with bone, feeding the homeless

Homelessness is an extremely complex issue that is rarely independent. It is something that many of us are  unsure of how to handle. We may feel called to do something, but what? That is the difficult part. We are told not to give people money because that can be used to fuel drug or alcohol addictions, but what about when all that person really wants is a bed in a night shelter and they just need a few pounds. Sometimes it can feel intimidating to speak with a homeless person, especially if your female and they are male. All too often it’s far easier to just walk on past with a polite nod or no eye contact at all. Well that just doesn’t cut it somehow. I always feel so dissatisfied with myself when I just walk past and I don’t think I am alone. I wanted to speak to someone who had some experience of helping the homeless and vulnerable in their community so I met up with  Esther, a third year Occupational Therapy student and member of Lansdowne Church. In her 1st and 2nd years of uni Esther was a volunteer with In Touch Christian Mission. They provide both practical and spiritual help to the homeless and those in need in Bournemouth. Continue reading

Mental health and Christianity

mental health represented at sea

1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer with some sort of mental or emotional health issue every year according to Mind, the mental health charity. You might think to yourself, “well I don’t know of anyone” but that’s the thing, so many people suffer and stay silent. I’m not saying it’s necessary to shout it from the rooftops or talk about it all the time, after all, some aspects could be particularly upsetting;  but without being a little more open about the things that trouble us we are only making the problem worse. That’s my experience anyway. Continue reading

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