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Mental health and Christianity

mental health represented at sea

1 in 4 people in the UK will suffer with some sort of mental or emotional health issue every year according to Mind, the mental health charity. You might think to yourself, “well I don’t know of anyone” but that’s the thing, so many people suffer and stay silent. I’m not saying it’s necessary to shout it from the rooftops or talk about it all the time, after all, some aspects could be particularly upsetting;  but without being a little more open about the things that trouble us we are only making the problem worse. That’s my experience anyway. Continue reading

Bournemouth’s Nightclub Chaplaincy

Kenny from the Nightclub Chaplaincy stands next to banner.

The night scene of any town or city can get pretty disorientating when your senses are shot. Whether that be due to the cheap shots that were too hard to resist, the “little pick me up” your friend said would make the night fabulous or a combination of the two. The centre of Bournemouth is no different. About sixteen years ago a group of Christians decided they wanted to help the dazed, in danger and confused patrons of the Bournemouth nightlife. They set up the Nightclub Chaplaincy. Continue reading

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