Raccoon stares away from camera and fur is visibly shown.

Captive breeding for Industry Trade

All across the world, animals are being subjected to rigorous captive breeding plans, where they are initially taken from the wild, to be bred for the use of certain products, for example ivory or animal skin. The two trades I will be focusing on in this article, will be the breeding of animals for their fur, and the breeding of animals for their medicinal purposes.  Fur Farming   A whopping 85% of the fur industry’s skins come from animals being held captive in fur farms. Fur refers to ‘animal skin’ and can consist of two elements. 1.Ground hair – a dense undercoat […]

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Zoos In the Uk

On a Summer visit to a well known zoo within England, I watched as my young nephews excitedly hurried and pranced around the park to take a glimpse at all the wild and exotic animals from around the world. As we arrived to the arctic section, we stood on the bridge watching the seals circle their wet enclosure and the penguins bask in the sunlight which was beaming down before us. Checking out my surroundings, I noticed people’s houses backing on to the enclosure and it hit me that we were in fact in the middle of the city. These […]

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Orcas performing being mistreated

SeaWorld: The Hidden Truth

      #EMPTYTHETANKS -What do you think?                                   Recent controversy has arisen after 2013 ‘Blackfish‘ documentary was produced, stating that a trainer had been killed by an Orca, leading to further debates around the safety of trainers themselves and the orcas within their parks. It has also been argued that SeaWorld has been mistreating its animals within their parks, particularly its Orca whales, who are living in enclosure tanks smaller than  Sea Worlds car park. SeaWorld Sea World now has 3 parks across America with its original being in San […]

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