The digital age and the dawn of social media has created the chance for people to view and share the opinions of ordinary people as they post and comment on globally accessible pages. This has lead to the public gaining a source of information that does not have to rely on mainstream media. This blog aims to stray away from conventional media reporting, and share evidence of people using social media as a tool to change certain ideologies, start political movements, and in some cases, highlight important issues that are being ignored by the mainstream media. 

As you follow these blog posts you will explore the positive aspects of social media, and how it can connect people with a desire for change across the globe. However as many of you will know, social networking can lead to a distraction in life, not to mention people aggressively thrusting their opinion in your face over trivial matters. With each social networking site, advertisements, promoted posts and other forms of capitalist media are also forced onto our news feeds, so its understandable that people can get lost in a cycle of distraction.

The Influential Network, through the following posts, will discover whether social media has the power to influence change rapidly, or if that power is overwhelmed by the many distractions that come with this form of communication. The posts will look at both positive examples of social media inciting social change, such as the Egyptian revolution, organised predominantly through Facebook. It will also examine the negative side, like privacy issues and government regulation. Another key issue is how valid is the information we receive from external sources, and can it be trusted?This will be explored further in the upcoming posts.

Keep a close watch for the next post revealing the first issue we’ll be looking at. This post will be all about Egyptian revolution, which was started with one Facebook post.

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