This is a blog for people who are interested in citizen journalism. Ordinary people reporting their versions of the news, providing evidence in the form of video clips and such, are becoming valuable in society. Not only in a commercial sense whereby mainstream media outlets buy the newsworthy stories, but social media has seemingly brought an era of freedom of speech, where members of the public can speak against issues they disagree with; often opposing ideologies presented in mainstream media. This blog aims to explore how far that freedom stretches.

Each post will examine an example of the public raising awareness of a problem in society they feel strongly about. Some of the issues presented are ignored by the mainstream media, which is why I named this blog, The Influential Network. As I believe there is a possibility that social networking has the power to influence social change, by raising awareness on a global scale.

Overall this blog is for educational purposes, however the issues presented in the blog posts are passionate subjects of mine, and any views of mine are open to discussion. I am a Communications and Media student, studying at Bournemouth University.

If you have any queries please contact me on my email:

Callum Sewell