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Can social media be used as a tool to incite social change?



So How Effective is Social Media?

As we’ve seen throughout the posts, social media can be a highly effective tool for sharing information and evidence instantly. However in terms of the organisation of political movements and pressure groups we know that it can be done without… Continue Reading →

The Negative Impact of Social Media.

We’ve seen how social media has formed communities, raised awareness, and influenced the people’s power in gaining social change through the last couple of posts, but we must consider the negative aspects of social media to be able have a… Continue Reading →

Institutional Racism, a Structure Built on Inequality.

In this post I will be showing you a range of videos accessible on youtube. Each video tells a story or gives us interesting information, highlighting the sad truth about racism in our society. Institutional racism is term used to… Continue Reading →

The Square. An Egyptian Revolution.

One of the largest revolutions of our time, started with a Facebook post encouraging an Egyptian revolution, and for citizens to come to down to the square and protest the mistreatment of the people. The Egyptian people lived in an… Continue Reading →

What Can Social Media Achieve?

    The digital age and the dawn of social media has created the chance for people to view and share the opinions of ordinary people as they post and comment on globally accessible pages. This has lead to the… Continue Reading →

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