The impact of digital media on the 2017 UK General Elections

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With a growing number of the world’s population now using Facebook and over 32 million just in the UK it is clear that so many people are becoming more and more digitally connected and therefore communicating digitally too. Many use Facebook to stay in touch with loved ones, friends and family and are unaware that it has become an important political player. Maybe you yourself can reflect on how the digital world become a political wall for discussion and debate during the election period and how that may have effected your decision when considering your vote.

Many of us (and I speak for myself too) use these sites to access the most recent news and updates. These platforms are now far more than just a networking and connecting with others. It has now reached a new level of communication and has now become a place of debate and publicly making your opinions heard or voiced but all behind a screen. And it’s not only your friends and family that you can now engage with, its now the politicians, campaigners and political parties themselves that you can be connected to. ¬†For example, the videos that appear in people’s news feeds can be passed on by political parties and campaigners. If we were to translate that back many years ago this would be a form of propaganda.

The video below talks more about just how powerful social media is and the impact it may have had during the election period

Credibility- BBC News IG UK, June 2nd 2017







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