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As part of the social change movement of fashion during the 1960’s a subculture named Mod was introduced into this era. It was a subculture that began in Britain and spread around the world during this period in varying degrees and many different countries. The mod culture mainly focussed on the music and fashion that was around during this time period and its main root came from the stylish and quirk young ends of London. It firstly began with men in the late 1950’s who were named as modernists as they listened to modern jazz music, but was later followed by women too. Dating back to the original mod scene which was associated with amphetamine fuelled all nights dancing into the late hours at clubs.

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Mod Fashion 

1960’s mod fashion was a period of innovative, creative and bold outfits which reflected individuals amongst society. The brash outfits were once a descriptive element that created a persons appearance and the subculture belonged to London, England.  At this time in the 60’s Brits set the tone for this fashion change whilst the rest of the world watched and quickly began to follow this change within fashion.  For this subculture what people would wear has defined people to some degree and indicated economic status around the world.

According to history the uniformity of dress created a homogeneous population. The motto “anything goes” was huge during this period and people reflected the shifting politics of the day, it was also the attitude of “do your own thing” which applied to your clothes as making this era a particularly important and historical one.

When it came to the revolution of fashion the youth orientated and driven and this firstly began on the streets of Britain rather than the comfort of peoples homes, this is where The Baby Boomers were the coming of age. The Baby Boomers was time that people were born post World War II starting in 1964 and as of 2016 giving an age range between 51 and 71.

When the first boutique clothing store emerged in the 1960’s it was named as the happening place to shop and get their clothes from. It was a fun and hip feel to clothing and young people began to feel more comfortable buying their clothes from here. It was known that no geography was more famous for swinging boutiques than famous streets in London such as Carnaby Street and Kings Road.

carnaby street 1968

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Mod culture was huge and a massive role to play within the fashion industry was colour, which defined the 60’s look. The pastel palette of colours used in clothes during fifties fashion allowed the sixties to re-invent bright and bold colours with were often arranged in a geometric pattern.

Overall, it is clear to observe that mod fashion and subculture heavily influenced the social change in fashion during the 60’s. The “out there” fashion managed to give people the energy to wear bright clothing and feel comfortable in their clothing. The mod rock culture allowed Brits and the rest of the world to experience and experiment with the social change in fashion and society.


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“Fashion is made to become unfashionable”

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