The Horror at Missouri University

YIK YAK TURNS UGLY at missouri

The University of Missouri faced shocking press in early November (2015). Students were said to be sending threats against black students via Yik Yak. This is yet another ugly story I have seen come from the app, and its starting to become a regular thing it seems.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.18.29

Yik Yak may have a policy to ensure any threats, or bullying will be reported and taken off the site, but the incident at the University of Missouri was on a different level and showed just how dangerous this app can be amongst our student culture!

“Mizzou students represented the 40th reported instance of a threat of mass violence communicated through Yik Yak”

Rob Wile, 2015

40th reported instance!!!! Was no one listening? These reports were ignored and became a build up for what was about to happen. ANY signs of abuse should be taken somewhat seriously but this was something else…something I was completely disgusted and horrified by.

“I’m shooting up the school. Tomorrow.
Stay in your rooms”

Imagine seeing this on your Yik Yak newsfeed…its gone to horrifically far, and its a real worry that these comments are anonymous. The student who posted these threats posted “WARNING” students to not “go to campus between 7 and 7:30”, just one of the tweets that were posted and available to see for the whole of the student community of Missouri.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 16.06.37

NBC News online

I certainly wouldn’t go to University if I saw those posts! Would you?!

The intensions of Yik Yak may be to connect communities together however it has gone too far. A social media app that was supposed to be for the ‘light-hearted’ has turned into an digitalised world of utter abuse. Scaring students to the point of not wanting to go to the university just proves how influential social media is and the effects it has on us all.

This is proof social media has gone too far! Do we really need another app that opens a gateway for more abuse, racism, and bullying. The answer is NO. No we do not.


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