Do you want to be a part of this ongoing fight for animal rights? Knowing what goes on behind the scenes is only one part of it – so what can YOU do to help?

Vegetarianism / Veganism

Changing your diet to a meat free one is so simple but really does go a long way! Do not have the attitude that ‘one person won’t change anything’. According to PETA – a vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year! If adopting a vegan diet is too difficult for you (I’m finding it hard myself) – each vegetarian saves over 100 animals per year! How? Read this article. If you can’t do that, by simply reducing your meat intake you can also save many animals as well.

Social Media Activism

Your voice can have a big impact! Spread the word, share interesting articles or news updates to your friends. Even if you change just one persons mind you’re contributing to this fight. Simply influencing your friends and family to have a more vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can save hundreds of animals a year. Make yourself more aware of effective ways to encourage change, for example YouTube videos. After all, seeing is believing! People don’t care because they don’t know.


Sign a petition! Have a look through or – anything you support? Sign it! Something missing? Make one yourself! Petitions are an extremely effective method of activism; many have been successful and some have even become a law. An example of this is in 2015, SeaWorld finally gave in to animal rights campaigners and stopped their live orca shows! And this is one of many. Read more success stories just of 2015 in this article.


There are many different causes and legitimate websites to help animals in a variety of different ways. What is your cause? Here are some that may make you think:

Donate to PETA

Donate to World Animal Protection

Donate to Blue Cross

Donate to WWF

Donate to International Animal Rescue

Donate to Friends of Animals

If you would rather not donate money, there are other ways you can help through some of these websites! For example, the WWF link explains you could take part in fundraising events, wedding gifts as donations or even leave a gift in your will! You could also offer extra help at a local animal shelter by walking some of the animals or helping to publicise ones who need adopting!


Do Your Research!

What & where to buy:
Be more conscious about what products you buy! PETA provide all the information you need on who still tests on animals. Check clothing labels to ensure what you are buying is cruelty free. Boycott real fur, leather, wool, skins and silk – there are so many different alternatives! Here are some of the hundreds of shops who have entirely banned real fur.

Where to visit: 
A lot of show animals are treated very badly; for example in zoos and aquariums. However, there are certain zoos and aquariums who treat their animals well, breed ones who face the possibility of extinction and actually rescue animals.


If you really are inspired and feel strongly enough about something – get involved in a protest! Hundreds happen a year just for animal rights. Whether it’s fashion, food, vivisection, hunting, circuses, there are plenty to choose from!


Have I missed anything? Do you disagree? Has my blog inspired you or made you more animal conscious? Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!

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