This interview of Banksy and the people that know him and his work shows why Banksy decided to do what he wanted to do, changing from a street writer to an artist. After he had some name recognition, he decided to have an exhibition, Banksy’s work got on to the news with the very question this blog is debating, whether he is a vandal or an artist.

Banksy has had problems with competition in the graffiti world, and he expresses a worry to whether he will last, evading the law, he states that the work is made to be temporary, made to be seen out of a moving vehicle, but he also refers to what he does as art. Which indicates he thinks of the medium of street art is an art form.

Banksy was intending on causing a stir and put his own work in the Tate, before taking it to America. Is it the exhibitions that make Banksy a real artist?