This blog’s purpose is to suggest possible meanings behind pieces of street art created by Banksy, an anonymous phenomenon in the art world, famous for graffiti which combines dark humour with a strong political message in a unique stencil technique.  Society has conflicting opinions on whether Banksy’s work is meaningful and powerful art with important view points or if it just vandalism which will be explored in this blog.


Bristolian Street artist grew from the underground scene to having pieces of his work all over the world. His work is not only graffiti though, he has directed two of his own films documenting the culture surrounding the art and the iconic meanings of other people’s work as well as viral pranks on famous people such as Paris Hilton – BBC News: Paris Hilton Banksy Prank


“Exit Though The Gift Shop”



“The Antics Roadshow”


IMDB The Antics Roadshow


Political and Social themes

–       Anti-war

–       Anti-consumerism

–       Anti-fascism

–       Anti-imperialism

–       Anti-authoritarianism

–       Anarchism

–       Nihilism

–       Existentialism

–       “The Human Condition”

o   greed

o   poverty

o   hypocrisy

o   boredom

o   despair

o   absurdity

o   alienation

Wikipedia: Political and Social Themes Explained