What Banksy's Street Art Means To The World

The implied significance of Banksy's work and how society has changed its perception of this work as "art".



“Rage, Flower Thrower” or “FLower Bomber” by Banksy

This Banksy piece is probably one of the most well known, featuring heavily in his “Wall and Peace” book (2005). The image is seen in Jerusalem, preserved by a perspex overlay, but the location is a particularly prominent to the… Continue Reading →

Banksy: “There is Always Hope… “

On the surface of this Banksy image, there is an obvious meaning stated by the text in the piece: “There is Always Hope” and as Banksy has said before, it is important for people to understand quickly because a lot… Continue Reading →

“Bomb Hugger” By Banksy

Produced on a wall in the East End of London, this Banksy image of a young girl hugging a bomb is a stunningly satirical stencil. Banksy has ridiculed violence and war in this image with how innocently he has depicted… Continue Reading →

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