Body Shaming on Social Media

Body Shaming. No doubt all of you have either been a victim of this, seen this take place, or experienced this first had on social media. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is simply what it says it is! Body shaming is all to do with people making negative comments about others body’s through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms!

A stop body shaming quote
Stop Body shaming!

Personally, as a girl who struggles with self-esteem issues, as I’m sure many of you do too, I can’t  understand why people want to put down others, because everyone knows what its like to be put down and it really does damage your self-esteem and self worth. Maybe people do it to make themselves feel better? Who knows but either way, no one is perfect and the perfect body does not exist, whatever body shape you have, none of us will ever be truly satisfied so why put down others? Unfortunately body shaming is becoming a massive issue across social media and is highly broadcasted within celebrity culture with people such as Cheryl Fernandez-versini and Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagen, who have both spoken openly about how they have dealt with body shaming and how they believe it should be made illegal! I would have to agree with them, it should be made illegal, although sadly I don’t believe this will totally stop body shaming from happening on social media because its such a massive issue that affects so many people, especially young girls. It starts with us as individuals, everyone should be made aware of the damaging effects of body shaming and should conciously make a choice not to participate in body shaming of others online.

Cheryl Fernadez-versini responds to body shaming comment from Lord Sugar!

An image of Cheryl with the caption 'donate £2 to feed Cheryl this Christmas'
Body Shaming of Cheryl

As i mentioned, the affects of body shaming are hugely damaging and cause girls in particular, to loose self-esteem, become depressed and it can even lead to life-threatening eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia which is very worrying! Girls are constantly being judged and being called too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall, ugly, among many others. It is this constant judgemental and nasty behaviour on social media that causes so many issues among girls, and it seems female celebrities also receive allot of shaming comments on posts and photo uploads onto their various social media profiles. I think people believe that it’s ok to body shame celebrities just because they are famous? Its also clear than men are big participators in body shaming of women in particular. Its like some guys put themselves on a pedestal, judging women for not meeting unrealistic ideals of beauty, and what gives them the right to judge us women! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not starting a rant against men here, but I truly believe that it is not ok for anyone to judge anyone else for the shape of their body or any thing else of that matter. Everyone is different and diversity should be celebrated.

Body Shaming should be made illegal, in a bid to filter it out of websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and more should be done to stop it order to make social media a better place for everyone.

'Body Shaming is bullying
Stop Body Shaming!

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